Our common habit is to address health when it becomes an issue and interrupts our daily routine. At this point we can be forced to take extended time off work, or miss out on family and community life. A great cause of this is the habit of an unhealthy lifestyle, that ultimately results in physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual stress. Staying healthy isn't complicated, but it does require discipline, focus and self care.

Reiki can bring healing, support and empowerment to your life, enabling you to make positive changes.

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Benefits of Treatment

  • Physical release from stress, increased vitality and immune system function
  • Mental relaxation to counter tension and compulsion
  • Emotional stability and relief from anxiety
  • Positive and empowered attitude

Free Consultation

Discuss how Reiki can support you in achieving your personal health goals. We'll identify where you need attention and how to take practical steps towards improvement. Consultation is 30mins by phone.


Reiki is a proactive and holistic healing technique, which has it's effect on the subtle energy body. When imbalance manifests physically as disease or illness, this is a critical time when proper medical attention is needed. Reiki is not an alternative to medical standards, it has its place as a complimentary practice.